Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology

Investing in a brand-new Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology could possibly be stimulating but will also a bit challenging regarding the value. Thus, men and women often hunt for terrific Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology proposes to enable them to save some money.

You Save : $56.02 (47%)
Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology
Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology

Product Description Product Description
Move more than mop and bucket-- Black Decker introduces the intuitive steam mop with Clever Select technologies. Clever Select guarantees a thorough nevertheless delicate cleaning on all sealed tough floors like tile, vinyl, stone, marble and even hardwoods and laminate. Just pick your floor kind on the Clever Choose dial and the steam mop automatically releases the appropriate amount of steam for the perfect clean. It cleans dirt you can see and kills germs you cannot, including 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites. Much easier than a mop and bucket, the steam does the operate for you--killing 99.9% of germs--though the microfiber pad traps dust and dirt. Created to clean floors all through your household, the steam mop incorporates settings for stone/marble, tile/vinyl and wood/laminate floors. Sensible Choose technology guarantees a thorough, protected cleaning--even on sealed hardwood floor. The low profile design enables you to clean under furniture with out moving it. Simply move the mop into the standing position if you want to take a fast break even though cleaning and place it on the included mat-- the steam will automatically quit flowing to stop floor harm. The steam mop makes use of typical tap water to produce a deep down clean throughout your household--no need to worry about harsh chemical compounds, fumes or residue. The integrated microfiber cleaning pads effortlessly glide across the floor to lock in dirt and grime.
Specially engineered swivel steering will allow you to quickly maneuvers about furniture and into corners, making it uncomplicated to clean tricky-to-reach locations. Steam evaporates speedily to leaving your floors sparkling clean and streak-free of charge. Exclusive low-profile style enables you to very easily clean under furnishings with out moving it, so mopping is in no way a chore. Protected for pets and young children-- uses only water to create steam. No need to have for chemical substances to kill germs and bacteria, the heat of steam alone can kill 99.9% of germs and dust mites. Steam cleaning permits for a thorough cleaning practical experience devoid of making use of toxic chemical compounds. Tank heats up in 15 seconds and changes from red to blue to alert you as soon as the mop is ready to steam. Cleaning pads are washable and reusable to lower waste and save you capital. Basically machine wash, dry and reuse. Mop automatically stops steam when parked upright so you don’t have to turn steam off and on each time you pause. With hands-cost-free pad removal, dirt sticks to the mop and not to your hands. Just step on the tag to release the cleaning pad. Pads are machine washable and reusable-- just throw them in the washing machine following your clean. Sizeable water tank will allow you to clean uninterrupted for a lot more than 25 minutes on one fill-up. The steam mop is created to retailer readily, either standing upright on its own or hanging on a wall. Cup and lid are attached so there is no will need to worry about losing them when not in use.
What’s in the Box:• Steam Mop • 25-foot power cord • Three washable/reusable microfiber cleaning pads • Resting/storage mat • Water cup • Two Year Warranty
Sizeable and quick-fill water tank offers over 25 minutes of cleaning. Water cup is conveniently stored on-board.
Swivel steering for uncomplicated maneuverability about furniture and in tight spaces. Pivoting head is fantastic for finding into corners.

The power of steam kills 99.9% of germs, mites and bacteria with no making use of chemical substances. Safe for use about young children and pets.

Ready-to-go tank illumination adjustments from red to blue when the water reaches the proper temperature. Water heats up in just 15 seconds.

Cleaning pads are washable and reusable to lower waste and save you funds. Simply machine wash, dry, and reuse.
Stands upright for quick storage. Swivel steering will allow for flexibility and wide range of motion, low profile style will allow mop to be utilised at many angles.

With hands-absolutely free pad removal, dirt sticks to the mop and not to your hands. Just step on the tag to release the cleaning pad.

Mop automatically stops steam when parked upright so you don’t have to turn steam off and on each time you pause.

Product Functions

  • The energy of steam deep cleans floors killing 99.9-Percent of germs, mites, and bacteria with out working with chemical substances
  • Wise Choose dial automatically releases the appropriate amount of steam according to the floor type
  • Protected on all sealed difficult floors - even delicate sufficient for hardwoods
  • Swivel steering for effortless maneuverability around furnishings and in tight spaces
  • Big, straightforward-fill water tank supplies over 25 minutes of cleaning

Consumer Evaluations

Just purchased this steam mop this morning from a regional retailer. I went to invest in a Eureka Enviro-steam, but there was only this model and a Shark. Just after studying evaluations on Shark, I went with the BD considering the fact that I have other goods and tools of theirs.
Given that it was my initial time making use of it, I thought that I would give my initial impression of it. Out of the box, pretty uncomplicated assembly, and clear precise directions. This mop occurs to come with two microfiber floor cloths, a water cup (which can attach to the take care of of the unit so it doesn' get lost), and a pad for the unit to stand on whilst moving furnishings or other items about. When the unit is stood upright the steam stops flowing and the pad is to defend your surface from the wet microfiber pad. As soon as you tilt the take care of yet again, the steam resumes and you go back to exactly where you left off. There is a dial on the front of the unit where you dial in the form of floor that you are cleaning: stone/tile/wood. This allows the approprite amount of steam for each and every form of floor.
I steam mopped two tile bathrooms, a laminate wood living room/dining area combo, a laminate wood kitchen, a tile foyer, and an epoxy painted cement floor....all on one tank, with water left over. I steam mopped by going with the grain on the laminate, so I did not practical experience any streaking. The tile floors came up shining, as did the epoxy painted cement, also with no streaks. The cord is really long, so I didn't have to preserve moving the plug each five minutes. I put to use each pads because this was the first steaming and a lot of dirt came off of the "clean" floors that were just cleaned yesterday with a vinegar/water remedy. I machine washed them in hot (warm water is advised by BD) water with out fabric softener and they came out seeking like new no noticeable shrinkage in the dryer.
The minor annoyances that I located were: the manage was a little short (I am 5'10"), the handle tube is narrow (not flimsy, but I would like it to have a bit even more bulk) but these are undoubtedly effortless to reside with.
General, I am fairly satisfied with this steam mop. And, yes, I would advise this to a buddy.

I was excited to try this steam mop. I compared it to the mop i currently use (not a steam mop a BonaKemi WM710013348 Hardwood-Floor Spray Mop with Replaceable Cleaner Cartridge).
The bona mop does a superior job on hardwood floors. When there was a spot on the floor, the steam mop essential going over it a number of instances or worst situation scenario--obtaining down and employing the power of elbow grease. Not correct with the bona--which moped up spots with ease. I can not comment as to the germ fighting potential--it is very probable that the steam cleaner does a superior job in that location.
I did not have any difficulty with streaking with this mop and credit that to the fact to can adjust the dial settings to the form of flooring you are making use of it on.
My bathrooms are tile. And this did a excellent job cleaning the tiles. It was rapid and simple and not a hassle to use. (what decent is a item if it is too substantially of a hassle to fill or store). it produced for rapid and quick function. This in and of itself is worth it to me to maintain and use. I will not use it on the hardwoods although.
Exciting Thought not Nevertheless tested:
I wonder how this would be in my enormous garden (fiberglass) tub, my big marble shower, or even my frequent size fiberglass tubs. I have two tubs that don't get used, but i have to nevertheless wipe out just simply because they get dusty. and it is a pain--specially given that one particular is a garden tub and rather huge. So i got the notion currently, that it could possibly be worth trying this and see how it performs. But alas, i am too tired from my other experiments to try this proper now. I will come back and update later.
This steam mop is much greater than the steam mops that came out a couple of years ago. If you like steam mopping, i think this is superb. If you have tile floors it is in particular excellent. If you have hardwood floors, the bona mopping technique is, hands down, superior. it cleans a lot easier, gets up dirt spots much better and does a awesome job. With that stated--we now have two various mops in the house. Bona for the hardwood and This 1 for tile. And they will each be put to normal use.
The dial is painless to adjust to modify what sort of floor you are mopping. It is simple to fill. Effortless to put with each other and easy to shop.
UPDATE 9/9/11--after a handful of months of use, we are not as pleased as in the beginning. We are nevertheless using it, however, the style is not as very good as on some other units. The actual mop pad doesn't have any help in the center--that is where the steam comes out--but mainly because there is no help, it also doesn't make make contact with with the floor--so you end up possessing dirt marks all around the edges from where it cleaned the floor and the center is practically clean and does not seem to have picked up any dirt. We are still joyful, overall with the cleaning job--but really feel that there could be a better and way more efficient design.
12/27/11--Update--Steam mop has entirely broken and does not produce steam at all. Incredibly disappointed. Would not advise this item at all and changed my star rating to 1.

You Save : $56.02 (47%)
Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop with Smart Select Technology

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