BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop, Titanium, 39W7

Investing in a fresh BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop, Titanium, 39W7 might be stimulating but somewhat demanding according to the value. For that reason, people frequently look for wonderful BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop, Titanium, 39W7 offers to assist them to stretch your budget.

You Save : $70.00 (37%)
BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop, Titanium, 39W7
BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop, Titanium, 39W7

Item Description

The Lift-Off Steam Mop allows you to safely clean and sanitize without having the fumes and residue of harsh chemical substances, offering a 100% organic clean as nicely as taking care of those sticky spots on your floor. The Bissell Lift-Off Steam Mop is safe and beneficial on practically all floor surfaces. It is secure for use on marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors. The Lift-Off Steam Mop offers thorough cleaning without having the hassles of a mop and bucket. It offers buyers with the opportunity to extend the energy of steam cleaning above the floor with the detachable steam pod, which includes a long hose.

Item Attributes

  • 2 machines in 1 Steam Mop with a hose
  • Removable steam pod employed to clean above floor surfaces
  • Full powered steam mop to clean practically all challenging floor surfaces
  • Several attachments includes two Microfiber Pads, Grout Brush, 2 Circular Brushes, Flat Surface Microfiber Cleaning Tool
  • Adjustable Steam rate of control knob to clean delicate flooring surfaces with low setting and each day messes with high setting

Consumer Evaluations

Length:: 3:52 Mins
The Bissell Steam-mop is a two-in-one tool- a steam mop and a hand-held steamer. The Bissell mop does an good job on cleaning and disinfecting wood and ceramic floors. In plenty of approaches it operates like a giant steam iron - with the squeeze of a trigger you manage the amount of steam flowing to the surface.
Notes -
- Flow handle control the quantity of steam to the head - some surfaces require much more steam when others (like wood floors) demand much less saturation.
- By no means had any matters with the unit leaking - even though I would take precautions and would not retailer it directly on top of wood floors.
- The moment detached - the handheld unit weighs less than ten pounds (when water tank is full)
- Numerous attachments - flat surface cleaner, kitchen cleaner, and grout cleaner (the grout cleaner functions nicely).
- Two mop pads integrated
- A single flat surface cleaner also integrated
- Set-up is highly painless
- Rather uncomplicated to switch from mopping mode to hand held (much less than 1 minute).
- All of the pads are machine washable
Final Verdict - The Bissell Lift-Off Steam Mop is a rather handy way to clean and disinfect all of your household surfaces. It is very easy to use, lightweight, and helpful for a assortment of tasks. The Bissell Steam Mop is best for the property and... it could make a perfect gift!
5 Stars

I give it 4 stars considering that I wasn't blown away.
We bought this final night from Target for $149.99 which would probably make it about the identical in cost minus shipping and handling by means of Amazon. I was sold on it versus the Shark as a result of it had a 2 yr warranty rather of the 1 year Shark supplied. Warranties are a Excellent point. I believe general the benefit you are acquiring from the steamer isn't the cleaning capabilities as a great deal as it is a sanitizing capability. It is largely steam and air. Unless you JUST spilled coffee or something on your counter, years of grime and baked in grease will only come off with a scrubber... or a blade.
I have 7 children. I cook a lot and our bathrooms and floors get a lot of site visitors. I thoroughly made use of every tool on the machine from 9:30 pm until two:30am (I had to finish what I began!). I first started on my bathroom which has a whirlpool tub as effectively as a 2+ individual shower with LOTS of tiles and 2 Highly Large glass walls. We rent this residence and the grout is not in fantastic situation. The counter is also created of the very same tile. I used the canister outside of the most important unit. The 1st point I noticed is that in order to work the unit, you will have to hold down either of the 2 buttons on top of the canister. When you let off- the unit stops steaming. The images of people today steaming with two hands is false. So, say you want to attempt and steam clean your appliance that requires you to angle with a hand... you cant do it. You have to set it somewhere it wont move around from the scrubbing of the other hand due to the fact 1 of your hands is consistently busy depressing the button.
I feel the grout cleaner attachment was okay, but it was on par with my typical scrub brush and cleaner. It also tends to break up any caulking you may have in the region so you have to be tender with it around caulking. Heating up the area I was cleaning did make it dry quicker and it more or much less blew away particles I would have to otherwise try and catch with a rag. Soon after using the grout cleaner tool, I pulled it off to use the normal hose head. It was wimpy. I assume the attachments really increase the capabilities of the unit so I identified the plain head ineffective as it was a bit too short and fat to correctly send out a very good blast of steam for nooks and crannies.
I did not see a adjust in any mildew present in my shower from steaming. I contribute that to the reality that it really is all below existing caulking and it would be untouchable. Unless the mildew was going to die from the heat and then disappear- the steam will only function on what it can touch.
Applying the smaller pad tool I initial blew some warm steam on the glass windows so that it would not break and then cleaned a compact region for a handful of minutes. It did not touch the tough water stains. Oh nicely, so my shower was fairly a lot off the list of jobs to advantage from this cleaner. If you have soap scum it will possibly do one thing. My glass walls also might have etching involved from years of tricky water buildup but I'm not certain considering that we have only been here a year. All I know is that there was no transform in visual cleanliness to them. Holding the modest pad tool was also a bit cumbersome. The hose goes virtually just to the tool so it's hard to get a excellent grasp on it without burning your self on excess steam or possessing it flip out of your hand.
Then I took the unit to my kitchen. We have tricky wood floors, black faux-granite counters, wood cupboards, a gas stovetop and oven and stainless steel appliances. I like how it worked on the cover of my oven. Grimy tiny hands get everywhere, and it left everything shiny with no streaks as far as the oven was concerned. The fridge also seemed to fair nicely, despite the fact that by this time the small handheld pad tool was soiled and although I had cleaned it in the sink with a small Dawn- it seemed to have sufficient oily residue to not make for a total streak-totally free shine on the fridge.
I implemented the black scrubber tool for the kitchen sink given that I have deep tubs (stainless steel). It worked okay but it wasn't extended prior to some of the black bristles basically melted and deformed. Not okay. I am going to attempt and get it replaced. They also consist of an identical tool with red bristles (for the bathroom). I made use of that longer on the bathroom at a high heat and it did not deform or melt. I figure it's a faulty plastics situation. I am not impressed in it really is toilette cleaning capacity and I believe I will not use it to clean the toilettes but possibly to steam Immediately after I clean.
Just after cleaning the upper parts of the kitchen, I moved to the floor. I like the ease in which you can fill the canister (you will do this a lot) and replace it in the unit. It is also pretty light to hold. The bottom swivels and I honestly like the microfiber pads that come with it. They have lines of a tougher fibrous material in among soft microfiber best for scrubbing stubborn pieces of uncooked dough or jelly/juice spills/dried jello off the floor but not challenging adequate to scratch. The large mop-head is rounded, on the other hand, which created it hard to get into corners. For that you have to get on your hands and knees.
What I would adjust:
the pictures of the most people working with the unit desires to be corrected since it is NOT hands cost-free
the plastic scrubbers need to have to have greater high quality plastic so they dont melt
the water tank could effortlessly be bigger
a different tool with an elongated nozzle for streamlined steam for nooks and crannies would be a plus
Placing a better deal with on the end of the unit hose would be helpful
Photographs in the instructions would also be useful- they are pretty minimal and vague
Which includes an angled mop-head would be handy
Getting a way to store the attachments would be great
Pluses for this unit:
Light and effortless to carry
Very easy to fill and replace water canister
parts look to be robust and sturdy as not to break readily
microfiber mop cloth is practical and can be washed and reused (do not machine dry even though, you must let it air dry and under no circumstances use softener)
canister removes rather only and hose wraps nicely
Protected for wood and tile floors with a steam intensity knob
Filter in the unit permits you to use frequent tap water
I liked the red over the blue and was pleased I had a different color choice accessible to me
I also implemented it this morning to steam my milk for my coffee. It worked rather properly.

You Save : $70.00 (37%)
BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop, Titanium, 39W7

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